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Thursday, November 28, 2013

how to become skinny and healthy

hello guys. since you're here to find tips on how to be skinny but healthy in the same time, let me share my experience and what did i do to achieve my goals which is wanted to be skinnier or in other words, thinner.

1) Reduce the amount of your meal
-Remember to reduce the amount of your food on every meal and not to skip them. Skipping your meal will cause you to regret later because your brain will receive an information that your tummy is hungry as fuck. Therefore, you tend to eat more than usual.

2) Consume metabolism-booster food
-Such as ginger. This can be achieve by using ginger in your cooking or consuming Ginger tea.
-Green tea is a kind of metabolism-booster drinks too. It helps to spike up your metabolism therefore promotes your bloodflow and burn calories faster than usual. Those who consume green tea tend to sweat more than usual but the result may vary depending on individuals.

3) Take warm water / food
- Taking warm water or food can help gaster / tummy to digest food faster than usual as drinking cold water could make digestion becomes slower. But in some studies shows that drinking cold water can also helps to improve digestion but as we all know, low temperature can cause fat to froze and this will takes longer for digestion process to takes place. As i said before, depends on individuals.

4) Walk more
- Walk more miles everyday. If you can't jog or run, atleast walk, walk and walk. By walking, your heart pumps more blood and do more work and this will helps to improve your metabolism.

5) Jogging / Running
- Jog is kind of slow running while running is an acceleration process. Indeed if you're capable to jog or run, it would be better than walking because heart pumps blood faster in jogging or running rather than walking.

6) Drinks more water
- Remember to drinks more plain water as this will helps in digestion and metabolism process. Your body loses water during the process and need to be reloaded to keep the process continued.

7) Motivation
- You need to have your motivation like somebody who have a good body to keep you on track in achieving your goals in becoming skinnier person.

This is just some of it, and you yourself know exactly what to do.


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  1. Okay. i got what you maim for. Tapi bro, jika nak menang niche ni, kena khusus sket. cam tajuk tu, terlalu universal, ada berbillion org barat da guna. T dorg nk cari blog ni mmg peluang tu super tipis tahap dewa-dewi la kata.
    Mungkin boleh khususkan niche tu, letak tajuk khusus ke.. mcm, how to become skinny and healthy in California. Yela, org sabah nak belajar teknik dari org zimbabwe watpe kan? <--sbb kita target org yg nak beli produk. Org sbh nk beli produk dr zimbabwe, bek beli kat local dealer. camtu kot lbh kurg. hoho..